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Guitar Lessons

Performing and Teaching Guitar in the Boston Area since 2005

I have been a professional guitarist for 25 years and have been teaching the instrument for over 18 years. I graduated from Berklee College of Music on a Music Performance based Scholarship. I teach beneficial, practical, and fun musical techniques for the guitar. My primary focus is setting students off on the right foot and helping them stay on track with their goals.

I love to teach and see students grow on their instrument. I zero in on each students learning style and teach to best accommodate it. Proudly, I have worked with students from foundations in music to earning scholarship awards in various music programs and schools including Berklee, NEC, The New School, NYU, USC, U of A

Each person learns differently, this is known as a modality:
Auditory -- By ear, or tonal instruction
Kinesthetic -- By feel, learns from physically being shown, a "hands-on" learner
Visual -- By sight, by fret board position memory and shape

You'll have access to learn: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Flamenco, Folk, Classical, Country, top 40, Vocal Accompaniment, (6 & 7 string guitar), Tuning, Chart/Notation Reading, Music Writing Techniques, Rhythm Figures, Finger picking, Material Foundation, Accents/Dynamics, Soloing, Self Assessment Goals, Walking bass lines, Phrasing, Dexterity Exercises, Your Different Approach, Relative Pitch, Harmony, Physical Technique, Harmonics, Tapping techniques, Chord & Scale Structures, Guitar Maintenance & Theory and more-

Driving: Major Cross Streets- Commonwealth Ave. & Fairfield St.

Public Transit: 3 blocks from Hynes Convention Center and Copley T Stop (Green Line)

Reserve your slot; first come first served, space is limited.
*Skype Sessions Available*

Feel free to call me with any inquires you may have.